Marjorie Baer

"I think my jewelry reflects both my love of art and my training in design. I am concerned with a sense of rightness in the way things are made - in the craftsmanship they reflect."

"I also strive for meaning in the pieces and for a feeling of cultural connection. The forms and look cannot be random; they have to make sense in cultural terms, connecting us with the symbolic heritage of our ancient societies and indigenous people. Each piece is made to last and resonate the enduring values that inspire me."

For 30 years, Marjorie Baer has been creating unique and wearable jewelry and belts. She finds inspiration in the forms of the natural world, in the details of African and Asian Art, and in the sculptural balance of Alexander Calder and Frank Gehry. Her designs blend these elements into modern yet aesthetically rich pieces. Working with a small group of talented and dedicated people, each piece is produced with great care in the San Francisco Bay Area.