Lemon Tree Earrings

Born and raised in Colorado, Lisa Boyd showed immense natural artistic talent from the time she was a young girl. after spending her youth experimenting and practicing with many artistic mediums, Lisa went on to study fine arts at Colorado State university in fort Collins, CO. She started making jewelry to help pay for school expenses and never stopped. in 2003, Lisa started Colorado based jewelry company, Lemon tree.

At Lemon Tree the artist Lisa Boyd uses a variety of materials including painted metal shapes and settings, glass beads, Swarovski crystals and pearls, charms, paper and rhinestones. many styles have paper applied to the metal parts. The paper designs come from Lisa’s painting, photography and digital art, as well as from vintage designs, Asian motifs and designs that are licensed from other artists.

Lisa’s love of color and pattern is reflected in Lemon Tree earrings. The designs are an eclectic mix of styles ranging from whimsical animals to bright florals to birds to abstract patterns. Many designs are inspired by nature. New designs are frequently added to the Lemon Tree line.

Lisa enjoys exploring new techniques, looks, styles and shapes. the designs and processes are consistently changing and evolving, ensuring a well made, stylish product year after year.
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